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1st Franklin Financial Personal Loan – Types and Application


Sometimes we need a little extra cash to cover up some unexpected expenses or to fulfill our financial goals. Whether your home needs repair, you want to pay down credit card bills, or you wish to take your family on a vacation, 1st Franklin Financial can help you get the lending solution you need.

The bank offers several types of personal loans for borrowers with different needs. For example, a debt consolidation loan may be useful to get rid of debts.

Since 1941, 1st Franklin Financial Corporation has been involved in the consumer finance business and it has helped thousands of consumers meet their financial goals and get through their life.

Today, the bank operates 110 branches in Georgia, 45 in South Carolina, 39 in Alabama, 36 in Mississippi, 21 in Tennessee, and 31 in Louisiana. It employs more than 1,217 people as of 2015.

Types of Personal Loans

A borrower may have a lot of personal financing options at this bank, some of which are being mentioned here.

Short-Term Personal Loans

The bank offers short-term personal loans that provide you the help you need to deal with your short-term cash needs. You can get a personal loan as low as $300 at competitive fixed interest rates and easy repayment terms.

You can use the loan to make car repairs, pay credit card bills or mounting utility bills. Whatever your credit score is, you can approach the bank for a personal loan and let them decide which loan term will suit your needs.

Personal Loans for Unexpected Expenses

Life is unpredictable and we usually face unexpected expenses when we can least afford them.

For example, a sudden breakdown of your vehicle or a visit to the emergency room can make it hard for you to deal with your daily expenses. For such situations, 1st Franklin Financial offers you small personal loans at affordable rates and repayment terms.

Smaller loan amounts as low as $300 is available and you can still obtain a competitive rate loan even when you have a less than good credit score.

Auto Loans

The bank also offers auto repair loan that can help you get back behind the wheels quickly when you need any unexpected auto repairs. This loan is available for used as well as new vehicles and you will get the funds up-front at attractive rates.

This is a kind of secured personal loan. Another secured personal loan you can have from 1st Franklin Financial is home improvement loans.

Personal Loans for Unemployed

1st Franklin Financial also offers personal loans for job related expenses. You could use this loan to purchase tools, construction equipment, computers and many other. The bank offers customized repayment schedules that will suit your monthly budget.

How to Apply?

You can apply online for your personal loan or visit your nearest bank branch to get further information on the available personal lending options and their current rates.

You can keep some information handy to get faster approval process. The bank will require details regarding your income, employment, and credit score in order to approve your personal loan.

It is recommended that you make your loan repayment on time to avoid defaults as it can finally affect your credit rating.

Moreover, you can check out the personal loan review of some borrowers in your area to learn whether they were able to meet their financial goals with the lending solutions offered by the bank.


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