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Benefits of Academy Bank Personal Loan


Personal loans are convenient ways to meet various expenses that we face from time to time. Today, a large number of banks and credit unions offer a variety of personal loans to potential borrowers having good to excellent credit and reliable income source.

If you need some urgent funds to cover your expenses, Academy Bank can help you with its different borrowing options.

Academy Bank, formerly known as Sun Bank Arizona, is a family-owned business committed to supporting the individuals and businesses within its communities.

Its corporate headquarters are based in Kansas City, and it provides affordable and easily accessible credit and retail banking services through a network of ATMs and branch locations.

Whether you need some extra cash to pay medical expenses or to make a one-time purchase, Academy Bank can help you fulfill your needs.

Types of Personal Loans at Academy Bank

Academy Bank offers different types of borrowing options that bring a number of benefits at affordable rates.

Express Loan

To enjoy automated fast approvals and funding, you can make online application of your express loan. This personal loan will allow you to simply your monthly budget with fixed terms and fixed monthly repayments.

Some features and benefits of this loan are:

  • No prepayment penalty
  • Loan amount up to $1,250 (without any collateral requirement)
  • $35 non-refundable application fee
  • Borrowers with low credit scores can also apply
  • A good alternative to payday lending companies

Premier Loan

This type of unsecured loan is a great option to meet various short-term cash needs. You can also use the loan to make home repair, purchase a car, consolidate debts, or plan a vacation.

Some features and benefits of premier loan include:

  • Loan amounts from $3,000 – $15,000 (with no collateral requirement)
  • $50 non-refundable application fee
  • Fixed rates, fixed monthly payments and fixed terms
  • For borrowers with good credit history

CD Term Loan

Academy Bank offers a wide range of CD Term Loan, which is a secured loan that you can obtain by placing your Certificate of Deposit as collateral.

This is a convenient loan that offers quick loan approval process and competitive rates and flexible terms. The loan amount for a CD term loan will depend on the balance in your deposit account.You are free to use the loan for a number of expenses.

Auto Loans

Whether it is a used or a new car, Academy Bank can finance your dream car without any trouble. The bank offers auto loans that are convenient and affordable way to purchase your car.

A wide variety of auto loan terms are available for both new and used car. The bank requires only 10% down payment from your side and if you are an existing Academy Bank Customer, you could be eligible for a.50% rate discount.

Boat/Motorcycle/RV Loans

A fishing trip with your family or a cross-country ride with your friends will surely be memorable. If you want to purchase a boat, motorcycle, or a recreational vehicle, Academy has the right loan options for you.

The bank offers a variety of loan terms at great rates and flexible terms. You can also enjoy fast loan application and approval process and a 0.50% rate discount if you are an existing customer of the bank.

Academy Bank Loan Department Number and Address

If you need to ask any query regarding loan approval, credit score and document requirement call at (877) 712-2265. Contact timing is Mon-Fri(8am to 7 pm CT). On Saturday timing is 9am to 5pm CT.

If customers need to send loan payment or other work, can use these mailing address:

General Mail PO Box
PO Box 26458
Kansas City, MO 64196
Routing Number: 107001481

Deposit Only Mailbox
PO Box 26744
Kansas City, MO 64196


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