January 4

Bank Five Personal Loans


BankFive is one of the leading banks in Massachusetts that can help you when you are in need of some financial assistance. The bank offers various types of personal loans and other lending options to customers in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Whether you want to complete a home renovation project, pay down debts, plan a vacation, or buy a vehicle, the bank can help you finance it without any trouble.

General Personal Loans

BankFive offers a variety of personal loans to choose from and general personal loan is one of them. Loan amount of up to $15,000 is available with this lending option and you can use it for almost any purpose. This loan term comes with fixed interest rate for the entire life of the loan and flexible repayment terms of up to 60 months is available. Moreover, there are no application fee, prepayment penalty, origination fee, or closing costs. This is an unsecured personal loan and you are free from the risk of providing any property as collateral.

Auto Loans for New or Used Vehicles

If you are looking to purchase a used or a new car or a truck, let BanFive help you finance the vehicle of your choice. The bank offers auto loans for used and new vehicles in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Find the right car that suits your family needs and get a low rate auto loan from BankFive to purchase the car. BankFive car loans offer competitive interest rates and loan terms up to 72 months. There is no prepayment penalty and you will get customized services from the bank.

Boat Loans

Owning a boat allows you to have fun with your family from time to time. Finance a used or new boat with a low rate boat loan from BankFive. Boat loan amounts of up to $500,000 is available and you can enjoy fixed interest rate for the entire life of the loan. The bank will help you get a flexible repayment term based on your income status.

Smart Dollar Loan Program

This loan program is specially designed to assist customers in establishing their credit with a small convenient personal loan with built-in savings. It is a Federal loan program that comes with a number of benefits such as low fixed interest rate of 5.00% APR, loan amounts of up to $1,000, no prepayment penalties, loan terms up to 36 months, and no origination fees.

RV Loans

BankFive has financing available for ATVs, trailers, RV motor homes, campers, and tent trailers. You can realize your adventurous dreams with a low rate RV loan from the bank. RV loans from BankFive offer competitive rates and flexible terms, fixed-rate, no prepayment penalty, loan available for new and used vehicles, and personalized services. Before you start applying for any type of personal loan, it is recommended that you check your current credit score and the eligibility conditions of the particular loan term you are looking to obtain.


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