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Capital One Platinum Credit Card – Features & Benefits


Among the attractive services offered by Capital One, its Platinum Credit Card has proved to be beneficial for a large number of customers. This card is specially designed for those with average credit and it brings a number of benefits for its users. Powered by MasterCard, this Platinum Credit Card from Capital One will enhance your purchasing ability and you can use it almost wherever you are.

Features and Benefits

If you have a Platinum Credit Card from Capital One, then you will be able to enjoy a range of attractive features and benefits while you make your purchases. This unique card provides access to valuable benefits and there is no annual fee involved with the card. Once you pay your initial 5 monthly payments on time, you can get access to higher credit line on your card. Some of the most common benefits that you can enjoy with the Platinum Credit Card are discussed below.

Fraud Coverage and Credit Tracker

In case if your credit card is stolen or you lost it, you don’t have to worry as it comes with $0 Fraud Liability. The bank will make sure that you are not responsible for any fraudulent purchases. With the help of Capital One Credit Tracker, you can enjoy 100% free unlimited access to your current credit score and many other tools to manage your credit profile.

Account Monitoring and Personalized Payment

Capital One provides 24/7 account monitoring service of your credit card account and the bank will contact you when there is any unusual activity with your account. You can also get 24/7 access to customer support online, through mobile device, or phone. The bank allows you to make personalized payment by picking your own payment method and monthly due date. Moreover, you can make your payment online, via check, or at a local bank branch.

Another interesting feature is that Platinum Credit Card comes with the benefits offered by Platinum MasterCard. This includes additional warranty protection without any charge on items purchased with your card. You will also get coverage for damage resulting from collision or theft when you use your Platinum Credit Card to rent a car. This card also offers travel accident insurance when you purchase your fare using the card.

With this credit card, the bank also offers $0 annual fee, competitive purchase rate of 24.9% variable APR, and no transfer fee. You should understand that the APR may vary with the current marked based on the prime rate. The bank may charge late payment penalty fee of up to $35. The due date for any payment is at least 25 days after the close of every billing cycle.The bank will not charge any interest on your new purchases if you have made the payment of your previous balance in full by due date. You can contact a bank representative or visit a local branch to get further information on the terms and conditions of the credit card.


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