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Highlands Union Bank Personal Loans – Auto & Home Equity Loans


You are not alone if you need some financial help from time to time. Either you need urgent funds to consolidate multiple debts, make home improvement, or pay for your child’s education, there are several reliable lenders who are more than willing to help you. For instance, Highlands Union Bank is a good place where you can get a variety of personal loans to choose from.

Highlands Union Bank was founded in 1985, and it is based in Abingdon, Virginia. The company is a subsidiary of Highlands Union Bankshares, Inc. The first Highlands’ office was opened by 600 investors with an endeavor to create a local bank for the community. The bank was well accepted by the banking public of the community and HUB’s assets grew from a mere $2.2 million to $9.2 million in just their first year in business. Today, the bank continues to grow and it operates 14 branch locations in the Virginia, Tennessee, and North Carolina Tri-state area.

Types of Personal Loans from Highlands Union Bank

HUB offers you a variety of personal loans at competitive interest rates and flexible terms and conditions. Its on-the-spot credit assessments and loan application and approval process are found to be very convenient by the borrowers. The bank offers secured as well as unsecured loans at fixed or variable rates. Moreover, HUB’s loan department will work with you to find the best loan option that suits your needs. Types of personal loans offered by the bank are:

Auto Loans

It’s time that you realize your dream of purchasing a brand new car with a little help from HUB. The bank offers auto loans at affordable rates with fixed or variable option. Just provide some personal information regarding your income and credit history to fasten your auto loan application and approval process.

Camper & Boat Loans (ATV’s and Motorcycles)

If you love going on fishing trips and off-road rides, HUB can provide you the funds to purchase your own boat, ATV or mountain bike. The bank offers competitive rate camper & boat loans that you can get to fulfill your adventurous spirit.

Debt Consolidation Loans

Finding it hard to keep up with your multiple monthly repayments. Why not consolidate your debts with a lower interest rate debt consolidation loan from Highlands Union Bank. A debt consolidation loan will not only combine your multiple payments into a single loan, but it will help you save some money on the interest that you pay monthly. 

Home Improvement Loans

Looking to remodel your kitchen or add a new bedroom? HUB offers home improvement loans that you can get to make the improvements that you need with your home. Fixed and variable rate options are available and the loan application process is also quite simple. No excessive documentation is required and you just need to provide some personal information. 

Home Equity Line of Credit

You can use your house’s equity to get fast and easy access to funds when you need it. Secure a revolving line of credit with your home’s equity and use the funds to make a purchase, pay off bills, or meet some unexpected expenses.

Home Purchase

Living on rent and dreaming to own a small house? You can get special consideration with a mortgage loan at Highlands Union Bank. Let the bank finance your dream home with the mortgage term of your choice. You can choose from fixed-rate, adjustable-rate, or balloon mortgages. All you need to remember is that all types of loans are subject to your credit approval.


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