September 30

Scotiabank Personal Loans


Scotiabank personal loans can help you fulfil your financial goals in this time of the year when you need some extra funds to deal with the holiday expenses. The best thing about this kind of loan term is that you can use the loan amount to cover any type of unexpected expenses. Whether you want to buy a Christmas gift, plan a wedding, make home renovation or plan a vacation, all you need is an affordable rate personal loan term from Scotiabank.

Salient Features of Scotiabank Personal Loan

With a personal loan term from Scotiabank, you can borrow exactly the amount you need for your expenses. Depending on credit approval and security, loans are available ranging from $1,000 to $150,000. You can lock in your interest rate to avoid unwanted increase in future payments due to rising rates. The bank allows you to customize your monthly payments to suit your budget. Personal loans also come with flexible repayment terms that will make you more comfortable when it comes to making monthly repayments.

Scotiabank offers customized amortization periods and the option to repay the loan at any time without charging any penalty. You can opt to make fixed monthly, bi-weekly or weekly payments according to your suitability. You can further choose to defer one payment every year during the period of the loan term. The bank provides personal loan calculator that can help you determine estimated interest and your principal payments. To know about prevailing rates on personal loans, visit the nearest Scotiabank branch and speak to a representative of the bank.

Borrowing needs are not the same for everyone. Therefore, the bank brings a range of loans that include boat loans, marine loans, car loans, personal loans and line of credit. If you are looking to purchase a mobile or mini home, loans up to $150,000 are made available by the bank. Getting a loan term that suits your need and financial condition is not that easy and you are advised to seek a financial specialist who can help you better in finding the right loan option.


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