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Wells Fargo – Personal unsecured, secured loan & lines of credit


A personal loan from Wells Fargo is one of the best financing options whether you need to consolidate multiple debts, make a major purchase, or complete a home renovation project.

This is because Wells Fargo, being the fourth largest bank in the United States by assets and the second largest in terms of market capitalization, offers a huge range of financing and lending solutions to thousands of borrowers.

Consolidating multiple credit card bills and individual loans into a personal loan will make it easier for you to reduce your debt.

The table below provides a quick and easy understanding of which loan option to choose when you are looking to get some financial assistance from the bank.

Personal Loan Personal Line of Credit Time Account (CD)/Savings Secured Loan Time Account (CD)/Savings Secured Line of Credit
Uses of loan Urgent expenses, debt consolidation Unexpected expenses, cash flow Immediate expences, debt consolidation Unexpected expences, cash flow
Loan amount $3,000 to    $100,000 $3,000 to $100,000 $3,000 to $250,000 $5,000 to $250,000
Fixed interest rate       Yes         No        Yes         No
Fast access to funds       Yes         Yes        Yes         Yes
Reduced APR with collateral        Yes         Yes
Fees        $0   $25 annual fee $75 origination fee $25 annual fee

Continue reading the following paragraphs for information in detail about the various personal loans and lines that Wells Fargo has to offer.

Wells Fargo Unsecured Personal Loans

The bank brings a number of benefits with its unsecured personal loans.

You can enjoy fixed rate, fixed monthly payments, and fixed repayment terms that will help you easily manage your monthly budget.

Some of the advantages of Wells Fargo Personal Loans are as follows.

  • No origination or prepayment fees
  • No collateral required
  • Fixed rate, fixed loan term, and fixed monthly repayments
  • Loan amounts from $3,000 to $100,000
  • Competitive APR for the entire life of the loan
  • Interest rate discounts for customers with qualifying Wells Fargo checking accounts
  • Quick credit decision in as little as 15 minutes and same-day access to funds


Time Account (CD)/Savings Secured Loan

On the other hand, if you have an existing Time Account (CD) or savings account with Wells Fargo, you can place it as collateral and secure a personal loan having lower Annual Percentage Rate (APR) compared to an unsecured personal loan.

The best thing about this secured loan is that you can get access to funds as fast as the next working day after credit approval. As you are providing approved collateral against your loan, you are offered with a lower annual percentage rate.

This loan option also offers fixed rates and fixed terms allowing you to better manage your budget.

Wells Fargo Personal Line of Credit

Wells Fargo also offers personal line of credit that comes with a number of benefits such as immediate funding, lower minimum amounts, quick decisions and competitive rates.

You can use your line of credit to access funds whenever you need it. Whether it is a major purchase, a home remodeling project, or urgent bills, you can easily meet your financial goals with flexibility.

As you continue making your repayments on your line of credit, more funds become available for you to borrow again.

How to apply for a personal financing option at Wells Fargo?

It is fast and easy to make online application for your loan or line of credit. To apply online, you will need your personal and contact information, income and employment details, and desired term and loan amount.

As soon as you apply online, you will receive an instant response and an automated e-mail will be sent to you when there is any change in your application status.

Once your application is approved, the bank will provide you with the details to access your loan account.


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