Whether you need funds to complete a home renovation project, plan a vacation, or pay down high-interest loans, a personal loan is a convenient way to meet your needs. Amegy Bank of Texas, a subsidiary of Zions Bancorporation, is one of the leading banks in Texas. It was the biggest bank in Houston as of 2005.

It was founded in 1989 and as of 2010, the bank had $11 billion in assets and operated over 80 branch locations within Texas. The bank employs over 2,000 employees. Amegy Bank offers a full range of personal and business banking products and services. It also offers a variety of personal loans and lending options such as:

CD Secured Loan

This secured personal loan is one of the best ways to get fast cash for unexpected expenses and urgent needs. Your personal CD/Savings account is used to secure this type of loan and it comes with fixed rate and a scheduled repayment term. There is no pre-payment penalty with this loan and you can view or make monthly payments easily through Online Banking. This CD Secured Loan is ideal for those customers who want to consolidate multiple debts or meet urgent expenses. The bank offers fixed rate for a loan term of up to 36 months for a minimum loan amount of $2500. You can get an APR as low as 8.7%.

Personal Unsecured Loan

This loan option from Amegy Bank does not require you to place any collateral and it is ideal to pay for household goods or any other personal need. There is no pre-payment penalty and borrowers are offered with a scheduled repayment term. You can get 0.25% discount on interest rate if you allow auto-debit of your payment from your Amegy Checking account. You can also view your loan account or make payments easily through Online Banking service offered by the bank.

Auto Loan

Let Amegy Bank finance your used or new vehicle with an installment loan that offers competitive interest rate. You can get up to 100% financing, including title, tax, licensing, and approved warranty contracts. An interest rate discount of 0.25% is also available for borrowers who are ready for auto-debit of their payment from their Amegy Checking account.

Home Improvement Loan

When you are looking to add a swimming pool or a master bedroom to your existing home, a home improvement loan from Amegy is all you need. This loan offers you a fixed dollar amount and a fixed repayment term at affordable rate. Interest payment on your loan may be tax deductible and a rate discount of 0.25% is available for those who allow auto-debit of their loan payment from their Amegy Checking account.

Home Equity Loan

Your home holds the key to a number of possibilities. You can convert your home’s equity to cash through a home equity loan. Use this fixed dollar amount for whatever you need. This loan offers a fixed repayment term and there is no origination fee. Interest paid on this loan may be tax deductible and 0.25% discount rate is also offered to borrowers who auto-debit their monthly payment from their Amegy Checking account.

Home Equity Line of Credit

This revolving line of credit offers you the flexibility to borrow funds against your home’s equity anytime you need it. Funds get available to borrow again as you continue making your repayments. There is no pre-payment penalty and the minimum loan amount is $8,000 and maximum loan amount is $2,000,000. Interest paid on your line of credit may be tax deductible and rate discount of 0.25% is also available for clients who are willing to auto-debit their payments from their Amegy Checking account.


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