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Opploans Personal Loans


Personal loans seem to be the best solution to pay off those ever-increasing credit card bills, fund for a medical emergency or obtain cash for a dream vacation. Hunting for a personal loan can be a tedious decision as there are various loan options available online. One among them is Opploans that has quite a few attractive features.

Applying for Opploans Personal Loan

Opploans loan application process is online. Customers need to submit some basic details and instant decisions are made on the information submitted. It is the easiest way to know whether you qualify for a loan or not. If you are lucky enough to be eligible for a loan, you have to accept the lender’s terms and conditions that includes interest rates, loan tenure and other charges if any.

Once the borrower accepts the offer, funds are transferred into his/her account by the next business day. Usually, the APR is around 99-199% with loan terms of up to 36 months. There is no prepayment penalty, thus the lender gives you the liberty to pay off your loan in advance if you wish to do so.

Opploans Personal Loan for Bad Credit

Credit check is something that each and every lender carries out before funding a customer. If you have a FICO score of less than 620, it can be difficult to get a loan. However, with Opploans, there is nothing called minimum credit score. It encourages sub-prime borrowers to apply for a loan.

The lender carries out soft credit check based on different factors. It considers the customer’s employment, financial history for the past 90 days, age and educational background. These are the elements on which the lender gets a fair idea of whether a customer can afford a loan or not.

Those with bad credit stand a good chance to qualify a personal loan with Opploans. The lender also gives you a chance to improve your credit as it reports to TransUnion. No matter what your present credit score is, you can definitely improve your score by making prompt monthly payments.

Opploans Phone Number and Contact Details

Customers can call Opploans on the numbers given below.

  • Customer Support: (800) 990-9130
  • Corporate Number: (312) 212-8079

You can also email them at [email protected] or write to them at

Opportunity Financial, LLC
130 E Randolph St, Suite 3400
Chicago, IL 60601

Customer service desk is open Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, Saturday from 9:00am to 4:00 pm and Sunday from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Convenient working hours make it very comfortable for a customer to get in touch with loan officials especially in time of need.

Opploans Personal Loans Further Findings

Opploans can be an excellent choice for those with bad credit. However, the interest rates charged by the lender is sky-rocketing. This means that you would be compelled to pay much more in the form of interest alone. This might not only take your financial situation from bad to disastrous but may also put you in greater debts if you are unable to pay your monthly payments.

Although Opploans claim that it focuses solely on the customer’s ability to repay, the high interest rates charged by the lender cannot be ignored. It might be better than installment loans or payday loans, however, the best loan for you would be the one that suits your budget the debt. It is advised to opt for Opploans only if you have weak credit and if you do not qualify for any other loan in the market.


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