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People’s United Bank Personal Loans – Loan Types and Features


If you are thinking to get a personal loan to meet some unexpected expenses, remember that there are many banks and lenders offering different rates and terms. Comparing rates and doing some online research will allow you to find your loan from the right lender. People’s United Bank is a reliable place where you can obtain a variety of borrowing options to choose from.

People’s United Bank, a subsidiary of People’s United Financial, Inc., was founded in 1842. It is a premier regional bank in the Northeast United States and it offers retail and commercial banking and wealth management services. The bank operates a broad network of more than 400 retail offices in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine. It employs more than 5,000 people the endeavor to provide extraordinary customer experience.

Personal Installment Loan

People’s United Bank offers a full range of lending options that allow borrowers to get the financial assistance that they need. You can get a personal installment loan with fixed rate from the bank and use it to meet unexpected expenses, pay down high interest debts, or make home repair. Annual fees and APR on a particular loan term may differ by state, so you are required to make your search by providing your zip code on the bank’s official website. For instance, current APR on an installment loan in New York City is 9.99%. The best thing about this loan option is that there is no collateral requirement and you don’t have to pay any annual or closing fees.

Collateral Loan

The bank offers collateral loan which is a type of loan secured by a People’s United Bank Certificate of Deposit. If you have a CD with the bank, use it as collateral to get this loan and enjoy a number of benefits such as 4% APR, no closing or annual fees, and online banking access. You can use this loan to make a major purchase, consolidate debt, plan a vacation or pay education expenses.

Personal Line of Credit

People’s United Bank offers personal line of credit, which is a revolving line of credit linked to your checking account with the bank. This line of credit provides instant access to funds whenever you need it. There is no collateral requirement and 18% APR is offered by the bank. There is also no closing cost and annual fees are also waived for qualifying checking accounts.The bank offers convenient ways to access your line of credit through check and online banking access.

Auto Loans

Whether it’s a used or new vehicle that you are dreaming to buy, a low rate auto loan from People’s United Bank can make you realize it. Auto loans are available for both used and new vehicles at competitive rates and terms. You can visit a nearby bank branch or call 1-855-782-LEND to check out current APR in your area. There is no closing fees, but annual fees may apply on your loan depending on your area. The bank offers you online banking access to your auto loan account.


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