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TCF Bank Personal Loans


TCF Bank financing options are easily accessible if you have good to excellent credit score and regular monthly income. These borrowing options are very convenient when you need extra cash to cover unexpected expenses, make home renovation, buying a boat, car, or some other type of non-real estate.

There are numerous TCF bank lenders offering personal lending and credit lines. If you have urgent cash requirements, TCF Bank is a reliable place where you can get a complete range of personal finance solution.

TCF National bank provides both secure and unsecured types of personal finance. You have to put your assets as security purpose for secured loan but need not put collateral for unsecured nature loan. However you can easily start your application process online and TCF loan office will contact you on your given phone number within one working day.

The bank offers retail and commercial banking products and services to thousands of clients. A wide range of borrowing options is also made available to qualifying customers.

What types of personal loans are available at this bank?

Discussed below are the features and benefits of loans and lines of credit offered by the bank.

Personal Installment Loans

The bank offers a range of installment loans keeping in mind the specific needs of different individuals.

It helps borrowers make their loan application quick and easy. You can use the loan amount for unexpected expenses, home repair, or for debt consolidation.

Moreover, you enjoy the following benefits when you obtain an installment loan from TCF.

  • You should not need to pay application fee
  • Flexible terms are available
  • Lower interest rates than other bank
  • You can save your time when make application

With an installment loan, you can make your repayment over time with a fixed schedule of payments that can help manage your monthly budget.

Personal Line of Credit

We need a little extra cash from time to time. TCF CommandCredit personal line of credit offers you the flexibility to access funds when you need it.

Attractive features and benefits of this credit line include:

  • Affordable interest rates
  • Not need to put collateral or equity required
  • Bank offers free checks to draw amount on your line of credit.

Home Equity Lines of Credit

Use your current home’s equity to secure this line of credit and get the extra cash you need to meet your expenses. Use the cash to pay down your debts or make a one-time purchase.

Enjoy the following benefits with your home equity line of credit:

  • Low interest rates
  • Up to $500,000 line amount
  • Interest on your credit line may be tax deductible
  • Fast access to funds with checks or TCF CommandLine Card.

Home Equity Loans

You have done a lot to own a home. Now, it’s time to convert your home’s equity into cash that you can use for your life events or for a home renovation project.

You will get a one-time lump sum amount that you can use for a major purchase. Note this is a good option for people who have less-than-perfect credit, since a home equity loan comes under the realm of a secured loan.

Some of the convenient features of this home equity loan include:

  • Minimum interest rates
  • Favorable terms
  • Interest on your loan may be tax deductible
  • Hassle free loan application and approval process.

You can Call at 1-800-TCF-LEND (1-800-823-5363) for non-real estate personal loan or visit a nearby branch for further information on how to make your loan application.

TCF Bank is the banking subsidiary of TCF Financial Corporation, a diversified bank holding company based in Wayzata, Minnesota.

The bank has more than 430 branch locations in Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Colorado, Arizona, Indiana and South Dakota.


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